Rechargeable Gensets Gen+ Industrial Power Bank

Gen+C Series - Rechargeable AC Gensets


The Gen+ "C" Series is an innovative, state of the art all-in-one AC power generators. Mobile and light weight, they serve a large and growing market of mobile AC/electric users.  To name a few, Gen+ C Series have been used in different market segment from Night Retail, Burger Stalls, Hobbyist, Engineering Support (Oil & Gas, Civil, Electrical) to Government Enforcement (Police, Military, Immigration, Customs, JPJ, Maritime) groups.

The Gen+ C Series provide stable, clean and reliable AC power to your equipment anywhere anytime. Features within each unit include:

  • AC Output: 230V-240V AC 50Hz Pure Sine Wave from 300W to 1000W.
  • Built-in Charge Controller and Charger System to maintain
  • Built-in high grade Deep Cycle VRLA (EV) batteries for durability and extensive charge-discharge cycles
  • Circuit Protection: Short Circuit, Temperature Control, Overload & Surge Protector
  • Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply ("UPS") features

Gen+ C series comes in different battery capacities for different application and usage duration.  Please inquire for the best price and current promotions!

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 Benefits of Gen+

100% Silent, No Noise or Vibration

    Unlike your normal UPS sets, Gen+ is 100% elektronic, and does not emit any sound or     vibration.

Super Low Charging Cost

    Low costs of operations, as low as RM0.10 for more than 18 hours of use!

Green and Environmentally Friendly

    Gen+ uses clean and safe electronics, battery system that does not generate any toxic smoke.      In fact Gen+ is suitable for indoor use.

Clean, Stable and Reliable AC Supply

    Gen+ produces electric supply that is smooth and stable, guaranteeing the safety and longevity     of your electrical appliances. Our circuit protection also saves your appliances from damage.

Zero Maintenance

    Gen+ does not require 2T engine oil OR any form of mechanical maintenance.  Just charge and use!